Publications of Alessa Hering

Accepted or to appear

Papers in international journals

  1. M.M. Sieren, F. Brenne, A. Hering, H. Kienapfel, N. Gebauer, T.H. Oechtering, A. Fürschke, F. Wegner, E. Stahlberg, S. Heldmann, J. Barkhausen and A. Frydrychowicz. "Rapid study assessment in follow-up whole-body computed tomography in patients with multiple myeloma using a dedicated bone subtraction software", European Radiology. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID


Papers in conference proceedings

  1. A. Hering and S. Heldmann. "mlVIRNET: Improved Deep Learning Registration Using a Coarse to Fine Approach to Capture all Levels of Motion", in: Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin, 2020, page 175. Abstract/PDF DOI


Papers in international journals

  1. A. Hering, S. Kuckertz, S. Heldmann and M.P. Heinrich. "Memory-efficient 2.5D convolutional transformer networks for multi-modal deformable registration with weak label supervision applied to whole-heart CT and MRI scans", Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 2019. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. A. Hering, B. van Ginneken and S. Heldmann. "mlVIRNET: Multilevel Variational Image Registration Network", in: Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, volume 11769 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2019, pages 257-265. Abstract/PDF DOI arXiv

  2. A. Hering and S. Heldmann. "Unsupervised Learning for Large Motion Thoracic CT Follow-Up Registration", in: Medical Imaging, volume 10949 of Proceedings of the SPIE, 2019, page 109491B. Abstract/PDF DOI

  3. H. Meine and A. Hering. "Efficient prealignment of CT scans for registration through a bodypart regressor", in: Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2019. Abstract/PDF URL



  1. A. Hering, S. Kuckertz, S. Heldmann and M. Heinrich. "Enhancing Label-Driven Deep Deformable Image Registration with Local Distance Metrics for State-of-the-Art Cardiac Motion Tracking", arXiv:1812.01859 2018. Abstract/PDF arXiv