Echocardiographic screening results in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex

M.E.A.P.M. Adriaensen, M.J.M. Cramer, M.E.E. Brouha, C.M. Schaefer-Prokop, M. Prokop, P.A.F.M. Doevendans, B.A. Zonnenberg and H.H.H. Feringa

Texas Heart Institute Journal 2010;37(3):280-283



We sought to examine the frequency of abnormal echocardiographic findings in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex. In a retrospective cohort study, we included all patients with known tuberous sclerosis complex who had been sent to our cardiology department for echocardiographic screening from 1995 through August 2003 (n=56). Two research scientists independently reviewed the reports of the echocardiographic screening examinations for abnormal findings. We used descriptive statistics, the Mann-Whitney U test, and the chi(2) test. The mean age of patients included in the study was 35 years (range, 12-73 yr); 23 patients were male. Abnormal findings were seen in 22 patients (39. The most common abnormal findings were focal areas of increased intramyocardial echogenicity, which were seen in 16 patients (29. The clinical consequence of this finding is still unknown. We conclude that echocardiographic abnormalities are common in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex.